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17 Dec 2020
Europe in the World

Webinar: NATO’s strategic reflection after the US elections

Join the conversation about the latest developments in the field of NATO and trans-Atlantic security from a Polish and Dutch perspective. Organised by the Clingendael Russia & Eastern Europe Centre and the Polish Institute for International Affairs (PISM).
8 Oct 2020

De geopolitieke gevolgen van het coronavirus

Het coronavirus zal de huidige geopolitieke trends – zoals toenemende spanningen in de Sino-Amerikaanse relaties en groeiende druk op Europa om meer verantwoordelijkheid te nemen voor de eigen veiligheid – versterken. Wat betekent dit voor Europa?
10 Sep 2020
Security and Defence

What will US-Chinese competition mean for European security?

The changing geopolitical environment, characterised by increased US unilateralism, Chinese assertiveness and growing US-Sino rivalry, also has far-reaching consequences for security on and around the European continent.
23 May 2019
Security and Defence

Publieksevent 'De toekomst van de NAVO'

De verjaardag van de 70-jarige NAVO is gevierd, de taart is aangesneden: tijd om de balans op te maken en naar de toekomst te kijken.
The Hague
8 Apr 2019
Security and Defence

Public Lecture 'NATO turns 70'

Public lecture with Michael Murphy, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European & Eurasian Affairs, on the question: what should American-European relations should look like anno 2019 and beyond?
The Hague
25 Mar 2019
Security and Defence

Strengthening Europe's 'soft' and 'hard' defence

Event organised by the Institute for Statecraft and the Clingendael Institute, focusing on two dimensions of European defence.
The Hague
27 Feb 2019
Security and Defence

Lecture-French Navy: strategic autonomy and European cooperation

Admiral Christophe Prazuck, Chief-of-Staff of the French Navy on strategic autonomy and European cooperation, moderated by General (ret.) Tom Middendorp.
The Hague
2 - 3 Oct 2018
Security and Defence

Expert meeting: Transatlantic security in insecure times

Expert seminar on the key challenges that the transatlantic community has to face, with the aim to contribute to a robust transatlantic dialogue on today's common security issues.
29 May 2018
Security and Defence

Give PESCO a chance

Expert meeting aiming to identify obstacles, limitations and opportunities regarding the Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO).
Brussels, Belgium
26 Apr 2018
Security and Defence

Europese defensie-samenwerking-meer Europese defensie industrie?

Expert seminar over de gevolgen van initiatieven op het gebied van Europese defensiesamenwerking voor de Europese defensie industrie.
Den Haag
25 Apr 2018
Security and Defence

Europa in de ruimte

Publiek debat over het Europese streven naar onafhankelijkheid van de VS in de ruimte met het grootste Europese ruimtevaartproject ooit, het satellietnavigatiesysteem Galileo.
Den Haag
23 May 2017
Security and Defence

NATO in the Trump era

You can now register for this public debate (23 May) on the relationship between NATO and US president Donald Trump.
The Hague
18 Apr 2017
Security and Defence

European defence after Brexit

A roundtable discussion in Brussels on the consequences of Brexit for European defence.
9 Feb 2017
Security and Defence

Future Force Conference 2017

The Clingendael Institute will organise two break out sessions at the Future Force Conference, on the topic 'Borders in Global Disorder', one session is aimed at challenges and the other is aimed at responses.
The Hague
6 Feb 2017
Security and Defence

The European Defence of Europe

Does Europe have a strategy? Can Europe defend itself? Can Europe project power? Can Europe arm itself? Egmont invites you to an international conference, organized with the kind support of Raytheon, to discuss these four key questions for Europe's strategic autonomy.
10 Jun 2016

EU Presidency seminar ‘A new strategy - implications for CSDP’

In cooperation with the Netherlands Ministry of Defence, Clingendael organised this Netherlands EU Presidency seminar. The seminar preceded the submission of the new EU Global Strategy on Foreign and Security Policy to the European Council of 28-29 June 2016.
Marine Establishment, Amsterdam
14 Mar 2016
Security and Defence

'The parliamentary dimension of defence cooperation'

On 14 and 15 March 2016 the Clingendael Institute held the Netherlands EU Presidency seminar on the parliamentary dimension of defence cooperation. Both our report and the animated introduction can now be viewed here.
Marine Establishment, Amsterdam
22 Jun 2015

Seminar: EU and NATO capacities in a changing world

On the 22nd of June the seminar 'EU and NATO Capacities in a Changing World' will take place in The Hague. The aim of this seminar is to assess the consequences of the changing security environment for the capacities the EU and NATO will need in response.
Press Centre Nieuwspoort, The Hague
5 Nov 2014
University Foundation 11 Rue d'Egmont, Brussels
15 Oct 2014
Security and Defence

Seminar 'Defence Cooperation in Clusters'

What are the next steps that need to be taken to deepen 'Defence Cooperation in Clusters'? That is the leading question of an international seminar that will take place on 15-16 October in The Hague.
The Carlton Ambassador Hotel, The Hague
4 Dec 2013
Security and Defence

Presentation: Civil-Military Capacities for European Security

On December 4 Clingendael will present the report 'Civil-Military Capacities for European Security'. The report looks into the potential of combining civil and military capacities to the benefit of an integrated approach to European security.
University Foundation, Rue d'Egmont 11, Brussel