Conflict and Fragility

Achieving Security and Justice for All: Elephants in the Room
07 Sep 2017 09:00 - 17:00

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Talking about contentious issues means openly discussing how economics, gender, militarism, power, identity, moralism, corruption, religion, silver-bullet solutions, education, capitalism, or the media influence or stifle progress. It means critically asking whether the assumptions that underpin peace, security and justice work need revisiting. And it means collectively envisaging how we can better meet people's needs in ways that are committed to human rights and genuine democracy.

There will be 20 workshops and presentations throughout the day by Ted Talkers, activists, governmental policy makers, UN, EU and AU experts, NGOs, academics, artists, agitators and authors who will interrogate current policies and programs in the security and rule of law field. The sessions will be a mix of debates, workshops and research presentations, with one series of events dedicated to innovation and another to creativity in improving and spreading knowledge in our field of work. Together, and with your input, they will provide a rich body of evidence and ideas to help improve the breadth, depth and quality of the knowledge in our field.

The Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law is run jointly by the Conflict Research Unit of Clingendael, Saferworld, and the International Development Law Organization.