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Nuclear Knowledge Summit
21 Mar 2014 13:30
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The Nuclear Knowledge Summit (NKS) is an official side event to the Nuclear Security Summit 2014. The Clingendael Institute will organise the NKS in Amsterdam on March 21st and 22nd

The NKS will be arranged in cooperation with the Fissile Material Working Group and the Asan Institute for Policy Studies. As project leader Paul Wilke is head responsible for the organisation of the NKS. Rosa Dinnissen is primarily responsible for the youth involvement and communication and PR related issues.

Nuclear security

The NKS will bring together nuclear experts and NGO participants from all over the world. The purpose is to stay closely to the political agenda of the Nuclear Security Summit (NSS), but at the same time look ahead and carry the discussion further.

In doing so, topics that are not yet fully covered by the NSS, such as cyber security and non-civilian stocks will be explored. Another purpose is to help create a broad platform of experts and NGO support internationally in order to promote nuclear security and to support the NSS process.


Participation in the summit is on invitation only and is based on a list of participants at the expert meetings in Washington and Seoul. This list is supplemented by names of expert- and NGO-databases of Clingendael and its partners.

In addition, interested experts can send a request to be invited, to [email protected].

More information

For more information about the programme of the summit, please check the official NKS website. You can also consult the factsheet The 2014 Nuclear Knowledge Summit: Towards Sustainable Nuclear Security.

If you have any questions please contact Carla Verkouteren at 070 3746 667.

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