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27 - 28 Mar 2020

European Public Policy Conference: our climate, our future

The European Public Policy Conference (EPPC) organized by  the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin is a unique initiative that empowers public policy students to take a leading role in shaping the debates on critical European policy issues. Louise van Schaik will be a speaker at this event.
Vilnius, Lithuania
18 - 19 Nov 2019
Security and Defence

Combatting violent extremism in Palestine, Egypt and Iraq

Expert event organised in collaboration with NWO, the Human Securiy Collective, Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies (ACPSS) in Cairo and the Strategic and Political Research Centre of the Salahadeen University (SPRC) in Erbil.
the Hague
17 Oct 2019
Europe and the EU

Rule of Law in the Western Balkans: Necessary steps ahead

This event brings together experts from the Think for Europe Network – Institute Alternative (Podgorica, Montenegro) and European Policy Centre (Belgrade, Serbia) and the Clingendael Institute. 
the Hague
4 Jul 2019

Ecological Peace in the Middle East: #Doable

Jordan, Palestine and Israel are strongly divided on political and religious issues, however when it comes to climate risks, they have equal problems and they aim to solve this together.
2 Jul 2019

Climate Security (livestream)

How are the defence, diplomacy and development communities responding to the looming climate crisis? Please join the livestream of the interactive public event at the Residence of the Dutch Ambassador in London.
20 Feb 2019

Hague Talks: Klimaatveiligheid een wereldwijde inspanning?

Interactief debat in de serie Hague Talks over hoe klimaatveiligheid een wereldwijde inspanning kan worden. (Uitverkocht)
The Hague
19 - 20 Feb 2019

Planetary Security Conference 2019: #Doable

4th Annual Planetary Security Conference on security risks by climate change and other environmental stresses. (Fully booked).
The Hague
11 Oct 2018

De vaart naar Brussel

Publieksbijeenkomst over de mogelijkheden voor kennis en innovatie die Europa biedt aan de Nederlandse kennisinstituten, bedrijven, overheden en ngo's op het gebied van water en klimaatadaptie.
The Hague
17 Sep 2018

Landscape restoration and migration in Africa

Public presentation of the PSI report 'A test of endurance', addressing migration and security risks by means of landscape restoration in Africa.
The Hague
19 Jun 2018

De klimaatvluchteling

Nu Nederland in de Veiligheidsraad zit kan klimaatverandering op de agenda van de VN-Veiligheidsraad komen. Maar hoe? Moet de term klimaatvluchteling erkend worden? Is er consensus over de relatie tussen klimaatverandering en conflict? En wat kunnen we doen?
Den Haag
12 Feb 2018

Trends of Global Climate Politics and China's Role

Conference on what role China and Europe can play in global climate politics.
Berlin, Germany
13 Dec 2017

How is climate change affecting global security?

During this interactive debate, two climate and security experts from Darfur and Bangladesh will talk about the influence of the climate on their home countries, and how they attempt to diminish the security risks.
The Hague
12 - 13 Dec 2017

Planetary Security Conference 2017

The third Planetary Security Conference with the theme "From Analysis to Action" has the goal to strengthen the knowledge-policy interface by consolidating the community of practice on planetary security.
The Hague
12 Oct 2017

EEAC Conference 2017

The EEAC Network is celebrating its 25th Annual Conference with an event entitled: Towards the 2030 Agenda and beyond: European cooperation within a new citizens–science–policy interface.
Valkenburg a/d Geul
12 Sep 2017

BCI Netherlands & Belgium Conference

The BCI Netherlands & Belgium Conference focused on Business Continuity and Resilience challenges, and opportunities through a local lens.
27 Aug - 1 Sep 2017

World Water Week

World Water Week in Stockholm is the annual focal point for the globe's water issues. It is organized by SIWI and will this year address the theme "water and waste - reduce and reuse".
8 May 2017
Trade and Globalisation

Publieksbijeenkomst: Heeft Trump een beleid?

Wie trekt er eigenlijk aan de touwtjes binnen de Trump Administration? Wat betekent dat voor de gevolgde aanpak en wat zijn denkbare vervolgscenario’s voor het binnen- en buitenlandse VS-beleid? Discussieer mee.
The Hague
21 Feb 2017

Launch Clingendael International Sustainability Centre (CISC)

Launch of the Clingendael International Sustainability Centre (CISC). CISC will present its ambitions and planned activities to contribute to the development of the international and European sustainability agenda from a Dutch perspective.
The Hague
5 Dec 2016

Planetary Security Conference 2016

On 5 and 6 December the yearly Planetary Security Conference will be held. This year’s edition of the conference is aimed at broadening the community of practice addressing the risks generated by climate change.
Peace Palace Carnegieplein 2 2517 KJ The Hague
28 Nov 2016

The politics of energy security and green growth in MICs

Round table during which experts, diplomats and policy makers will discuss the political reality of energy security and green growth, based on economy analysis. This analysis sheds light on the ability of countries to pursue green growth.
the Clingendael Institute, Clingendael 7, The Hague (10-16:30 h.)
26 Oct 2016

Nationale Klimaattop 2016 - break out sessie BZ

Gevolgen van klimaatverandering zijn verstrekkend met als gevolg een toenemende wereldwijde spanning en instabiliteit. Deze Klimaattop beoogt de bewustwording over klimaatverandering te vergroten en gaat in op kansen en bedreigingen voor het Nederlandse bedrijfsleven.
Van Nelle Fabriek, Van Nelleweg 1, Rotterdam
19 Jul 2016

The EU’s New Strategy on China: Making the Most of Opportunities

Shortly after the EU-China Summit and the South China Sea ruling, on 18 July the EU Foreign Affairs Council is expected to adopt the EU’s new China strategy. On 19 July Clingendael will host the first Round table discussion on this Strategy.
the Clingendael Institute
17 Jun 2016

Europe’s place in the world

The Clingendael Institute and Pew Research Center are pleased to invite you to the presentation of a new report focusing on Europe’s place in the world. Based on a 10-country survey, the report examines European public opinion on key foreign-policy issues, and compares European and American views on these topics.
The Clingendael Institute, The Hague, The Netherlands
26 May 2016

Winning coalitions for green growth and energy security in Indonesia

This expert meeting brings together decision-makers and key stakeholders from Government of Indonesia, private sector and civil society in order to explore from multiple perspectives the potential reach and implementation of green growth plans in Indonesia.
The Atlet Century Hotel, Jakarta
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