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17 Jan 2018
Security and Defence

Europa en de terugkeer van de Syriëgangers

Publiek debat over de terugkeer van Syriëgangers met oorlogservaringen van drie vrouwelijke burgeractivisten.
24 Oct 2017
Security and Defence

Debat 'Wat te doen met terugkerende Syriëgangers?'

Vormen terugkerende Syriëgangers een gevaar voor de Nederlandse samenleving of niet? Debat in De Balie met onder andere Bibi van Ginkel.
16 Nov 2016
Security and Defence

Towards more constructive approaches to countering violent extremism

Euro-regional conference to encourage innovative and evidence-based thinking on how to counter and prevent violent extremism.
Amman, Jordan
10 Nov 2016
Security and Defence

Forum: Examining practices for countering violent extremism

Good practices exchange forum co-organised by the Belgian Ministry of Home Affairs, the Egmont Institute and Rutgers University for Emergency Preparedness and Homeland Security on understanding and preventing acts of extremist violence.
Egmont Palace, Brussels (10 - 16:30 h.)
9 Nov 2016
Security and Defence

Expert policy lab on counter-terrorism

High-level expert policylab, co-hosted by ICCT and PwC, on Counter-Terrorism, as part of the the Evaluation project of the EU Counter-Terrorism Policy Architecture, commissioned by the LIBE Committee (Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs) of the European Parliament.
The Hague premises of Leiden University, Schouwburgstraat 2, The Hague (9 - 13:3
9 Sep 2016
Security and Defence

Conference: 15 Jahre "Krieg gegen den Terror"

What has changed since the War on Terror started? And what alternative approaches are there towards anti-terror politics?
Deutscher Bundestag, Paul-Löbe-Haus, Saal E800, Konrad-Adenauer-Str. 1 10557 B
8 Jul 2016
Security and Defence

Side event of the Review of the UN Global Counter Terrorism Strategy

At the occasion of the Review of the UN Global Counter Terrorism Strategy the Permanent Missions of Spain and New Zealand hosted a Side Event on foreign terrorist fighters focused on prosecution, rehabilitation, and reintegration challenges.
UN, New York
16 Jun 2016
Security and Defence

Effective counter terrorism efforts without sacrificing human rights and rule of law

Can counter-terrorism efforts be really effective while safeguarding the rule of law? Doughty Street International and the Hague Institute for Global Justice are pleased to invite you to a panel discussion on this dilemma.
The Hague Institute of Global Justice
1 Jun 2016
Security and Defence

Rule of Law and violent extremism in the Middle East

This invitation-only symposium seeks to examine how institutions - particularly those charged with upholding the rule of law - can contribute to the kinds of grievances that are associated with violent extremism, particular in the Middle East. The symposium also examines avenues for constructive institutional reform within the context of violent extremism.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
30 Apr 2015
Security and Defence

China's Role in Peacekeeping and Counter Terrorism in Mali

On Thursday 30 April the Netherlands Institute of International Relations – Clingendael and the International Centre for Counter - Terrorism (ICCT) hosted an Expert Seminar on “China's Role in Peacekeeping and Counter Terrorism and Counter Violent Extremism in Mali”.
Clingendael / The Hague
10 Nov 2014
Trade and Globalisation

Setting a progressive United Nations peace and security agenda

Setting a progressive United Nations peace and security agenda: searching for new narratives
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bezuidenhoutseweg 67, The Hague