Experience in EU training

We have provided EU skills training and seminars to more than 2,500 professionals working within the context of the EU. In addition, we offer EU affairs as an integral part of many of our diplomatic training programmes and security-related courses

Our EU training courses have two distinct target groups:

1) ‘Inside’ officials

EU interest management & lobbying & negotiation
Clingendael Academy is an experienced provider of custom-made, in-company trainings, and with past clients including but not limited to the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, TNO, CBS, and Flemish municipalities.

Participants learn the ins and outs of effective influencing. When it comes to EU negotiations, we also have the privilege of training a diverse range of students and diplomats every year, for example in the programmes organised by the College of Europe. Additionally, we train diplomats from all EU Member States and EU Institutions as part of the European Diplomatic Programme.

Presidency training
Clingendael Academy is involved or has recently been involved in training civil servants from the Netherlands, Slovakia, and Bulgaria in preparation of their turn in the rotating presidency seat. In the past, we have also had the opportunity to train civil servants and diplomats from the UK, the Czech Republic, and Poland.

2) ‘Outside’ officials

How to engage with Brussels
The EU’s influence stretches far beyond its borders. While possible future Member States or countries involved in the EU Neighbourhood policy are the most affected, many economies the world over have interests worth safeguarding in Brussels. Furthermore, countries involved in their own process of regional integration often look to the EU for a positive example, such as is the case with ASEAN countries.

A long-time provider of specialised EU courses, current Clingendael Academy programmes for diplomats and other officials outside of the EU include our annual programme for North African countries, trainings at home and abroad for Indian civil servants, and a specialised EU negotiation course for Tunisian trade negotiators.