Capacity-Building Training for Central Asia and Mongolia
03 Oct 2014 - 14:54

As part of a three-year programme in capacity building for Diplomatic Institutes, Human Resource Departments and teachers in Central Asia and Mongolia, the Clingendael Institute organised an intensive course last September.

This year the focus of the course was the integration of interactive assignments in curricula for diplomats of different levels. A variety of exercises was discussed and implemented, such as presentation skills, negotiations simulations and policy writing. The participants had to play different roles during the week. As a result, they learned to fully understand what is needed to effectively implement the interactive assignments.

By the end of the week the participants also developed a ‘back home action plan’ in which they outlined how they can implement the newly acquired materials and what they need in order to be successful in their own academies.

Last year, the course supported the participants in thinking strategically about their organisations. They among others developed a SWOT-analysis and formulated recommendations for further development of their academies. In 2015 the last follow-up training will be organized by Clingendael.