Clingendael Annual Report 2016
30 Aug 2017 - 17:01
Bron: European Parliament/flickr

The Clingendael Annual Report 2016 presents the highlights of the activities of the Clingendael Institute. It provides an overview of the most important output of our research, training and public outreach accomplishments, together with data on our corporate staff for communication, human resources and finances. The Report also contains a separate section on 'Clingendael Spectator', the online magazine on international affairs. 

In its aim for transparency, the Institute furthermore included detailed information on its finances, outlining specific income by category, as well as an overview of all its clients and revenues.

Clingendael's General Director Monika Sie Dhian Ho states in her introduction that 2016 was 'a year in which people became aware, even more so than in previous years, of the instability and conflicts around Europe, and the major influence of foreign developments on their own country'. EU citizens see immigration as Europe's biggest challenge, followed by terrorism. Dutch citizens expressed a greater support for foreign peace missions and are no longer in favour of economising on development cooperation, thus refocusing on foreign countries. These trends are reflected in the work of the Clingendael Institute, which saw its international position strengthened. This was among others reflected in the Global Go To Think Tank Index 2016, which referred to the Institute as a 'Think Tank to Watch'.

Evidence-based public debate
Through its output, the Clingendael Institute has contributed to evidence-based public debate on international affairs and has equipped and advised a broad range of clients, which includes policy-makers, diplomats, businesses, academic community, civil society and the public at large. The Institute further invested in interdisciplinary cooperation and social projects, combining in-depth research and high-level training.

The Institute will continue to strive to increase its relevance in equipping actors who have to meet challenges in international politics, and for an informed public debate. In the new context of the Institute's statutory uncoupling of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defence, Clingendael is now preparing its multi-year vision for 2017-2020, which will appear in mid-2017.