International negotiations training applauded by Indonesian diplomats
26 Nov 2015 - 09:33
Bron: © Clingendael 2015

During the past six weeks, the Clingendael Academy has been training a group of 20 junior diplomats from Indonesia. With the programme coming to an end we look back on an intensive programme, praised by the participants because of the course’s balance between theory and practice, thereby ‘connecting the dots’ and making the material comprehensible.

The programme was said to give a well-structured insight into how the key issues in international politics are interconnected and how skills trainings are essential to link that knowledge to the daily tasks of a diplomat.

International Negotiations

Especially celebrated were the international negotiation trainings and simulations organised by Clingendael staff members. The participants unanimously appreciated these sessions for their practical touch and interactive character:

“The international negotiations class by Mr. de Mooij was truly outstanding. The exercises illustrated perfectly how negotiations in multilateral fora work.”

The session taught the junior diplomats different negotiation styles and ways to deal with conflict situations within negotiation settings. Simulations were added to the session to give the participants the opportunity to immediately bring their new knowledge into practice.


Do you think an International Negotiations training could be of interest to you to? Please check the open courses we offer on negotiation and mediation skills.

- 26 November 2015