Practical diplomatic training for Bangladesh and Pakistan
10 Feb 2017 - 15:25
Bron: Clingendael Academy

Through a five-week training course at Clingendael Academy, 20 junior diplomats from Bangladesh and Pakistan learn to apply their previously gained academic knowledge to the latest and most pressing issues in international relations. This course marks the final stage of the young diplomats’ training and preparation phase to successfully start their careers within their respective Ministries of Foreign Affairs.

Providing the skills to be effective

Our strong focus on the development of relevant skills complements the academic background of our participants. It also prepares them to be effective in their work. For example, participants learned to apply their strengthened skills in practice through:

  • A multilateral negotiation simulation exercise on the SDGs
  • Exercises on difficult intercultural meetings together with  Dutch Junior Diplomats
  • Case-studies on the application of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations
  • A speech writing and speech delivering exercise
  • Debating foreign policy issues with effective argumentation and convincing presentation
  • Case-studies on peacekeeping missions and the role of the UNSC
  • A simulation on International Economic Relations

Networking with practitioners and experts

For a young diplomat, it is indispensable to broaden networks and connect with counterparts and relevant professionals. Clingendael offers them this unique opportunity. The course participants were able to discuss EU policies regarding South Asia with representatives from the European Commission, European External Action Service, as well as with a member of the European Parliament. In addition, they have been able to discuss matters related to corporate social responsibility with representatives from the business, financial and NGO sector, legal issues with representatives from the Permanent Court of Arbitration and the International Criminal Court, and bilateral relations with representatives from the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Clingendael Training Method

The in-depth 5-week course at Clingendael is the final step of the diplomats from Bangladesh and Pakistan before starting their diplomatic careers. Before coming to The Netherlands, all diplomats received intensive and rigorous academic training back home. For this reason, Clingendael places a strong focus on how to apply knowledge to practical situations.

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Contact us

Clingendael is proud to have been training junior diplomats of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh and Pakistan for 11 consecutive years in a row, and looks forward to the years of cooperation ahead. For more information about this course, or other practical training programs for diplomats, please contact the course coordinators.