Supporting the leaders of Europe’s youngest diplomatic service
17 Sep 2015 - 17:45
Bron: Working Visit to European Commission © Clingendael

A small group of senior diplomats from Kosovo participated in the programme 'Strategic prospects and opportunities for Kosovo’s foreign policy-making'.

Participants at the level of head of mission or head of directorate discussed Kosovo’s practices in public diplomacy and consular services, studied challenges for European integration, and engaged in a host of senior-level skills training. From network analysis to leadership skills, and from long-range policy planning to dealing with the media, the sessions built their capacity to help lead Europe’s youngest diplomatic service.

Given their unique history, Kosovo´s MFA has had both plenty of reasons and plenty of opportunities to innovate. Even in the period of 2005-2010, the Clingendael Institute already offered support in the development of Kosovo´s capacity for European integration and diplomacy through annual training courses for junior civil servants.


In late 2013, this support was upgraded to training at all levels, in a formal cooperation between Clingendael Academy and the newly established Diplomatic Academy of Kosovo. This project, which will continue into 2016, will see junior, mid-career and senior-level diplomatic training groups join Clingendael, in addition to specific support in capacity building for the Diplomatic Academy itself.


Working visit to European Commission; training and research fellow Nils de Mooij together with participants.

Start of workshop on strategic policy planning; training and research fellow Bart Hogeveen together with participants.

- 17 September 2015