Training peace negotiations
21 Sep 2016 - 16:19

Today is the International Day of Peace. The Clingendael Institute has grown into an active player in the international peace architecture. Supported by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the multi-annual training facility “Negotiation Training as a Conflict Resolution Instrument” was launched in November 2014.

34 training programmes in conflict negotiations

In less than two years’ time, a total of 34 training programmes took place, targeting almost 650 negotiators and mediators of peace negotiations. Clingendael Academy is active all around the world, for instance in Syria, Uganda, South Sudan, ASEAN, ECOWAS, and many more. Another 12 training programme in- and outside the Netherlands are planned until the end of the year.

First-hand insights

As Clingendael Academy, we are dedicated to prepare groups in conflict, local mediators as well as humanitarian negotiators to support them to operate under the enormous stress of peace talks. Many of the people we interact with share their stories and experiences when being involved in peace negotiations. This first-hand insights give us inputs that are indispensable when designing new training simulations and programmes.

International Day of Peace

As we mark the International Day of Peace, it is worth asking what we should do when the ink of a peace agreement dries up. Peacemaking is not only the domain of a few elite diplomatic personalities. And for peace agreements to be implemented it is key to have inclusive processes and work with bridge-builders to societies. Read the attached blog post written by Rob Sijstermans for more reflections on this topic.

New collaboration

Please do not hesitate to contact Clingendael Academy in case you wish to discuss ways of collaboration in setting up negotiation training for conflict resolution.