Strategic Foresight


Global Security Pulse: Interstate Military Competition

13 Mar 2019 - 10:07

This global security pulse focuses on Interstate Military Competition (IMC) and consists of three separate parts. Firstly, a general table of the main trends within the topic plays a role. Secondly, a table on the state of the international order based on a qualitative assessment and expert validation. These views have further been tested during an expert meeting, which included experts from the Clingendael Institute, the Netherlands Ministry of Defence, and The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies. The third part of the Global Security Pulse consists of the results of the scan. 

The Global Security Pulse is a collaborative product between the Clingendael Institute and The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies. It is based on Clingendael’s horizon-scan methodology which involves a systematic scan of literature, conferences, twitter and validated expert input (see our Radar Series).