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Top 5 summer reads 2019

29 Jul 2019 - 16:31
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Summer is the perfect time to catch up on your readings. Our experts have published many reports and articles on a wide range of specific topics within international affairs this year. We suggest five interesting publications to dive into. Take your pick. 

1. Transnational capital in Somalia

What is the impact of transnational businesses active in Somalia and Somaliland on socioeconomic development and governance within the territories. The economic resurgence in the country owes much to the sizeable and pioneering role played by these transnational entrepreneurs. 

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2. Perceptions of Dutch interest promotion inside the EU

Dutch ministers, diplomats and civil servants are seen as pragmatic, well-prepared and credible. At the same time the Dutch are not seen to take flexible positions in the European policy-making process. And empathy or solidarity are not words that others strongly associate with Dutch actions in the EU.

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3. Climate Change and Degradation of Natural Resources: Implications for the Military

The security dimensions of climate change and resource degradation affect military organisations’ operations. Defence institutions can contribute to reducing climate-related security risks. What measures can be taken to address climate change-related challenges and which recommendations for defence ministries contribute to climate security?

Read the report by the Planetary Security Initiative

4. A United Nations with Chinese characteristics?

As China’s role as a major power in international affairs is growing, the Chinese government is becoming more active and more influential in the United Nations (UN). This is likely to have – or, in the eyes of some, already has – a significant impact on the UN’s (future) functioning. Growing Chinese influence is important for all UN members, and particularly so for Western countries, including the Netherlands, which strives to maintain and strengthen the international legal order as a principal foreign policy aim. How to understand this process best?

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5. Global trends, risks and opportunities for Dutch national security (Strategic Monitor 2018-2019)

The Strategic Monitor is still highly relevant to put current trends in a broader perspective. The international system is currently experiencing a phase transition of sorts during a period of Interregnum. The Strategic Monitor consists of a summary report and fifteen individual research papers. Choose your topic of interest. 

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