Europe in the World

Future of Europe Breakfast: Translantic Relations & China
11 Sep 2019 08:30 - 10:00
Bron: Clingendael Institute

This event was co-hosted by the Representation of the European Commission and the Clingendael Institute. The photostream of the event can be found here. Listen to the podcast with speaker Noah Barkin.

Can Europe and the United States cooperate on China?

During this session, Noah Barkin, journalist and research fellow at DAAD/AICGS, offered his assessment of the current state of US-Europe-China relations. Steven Everts, Senior Advisor at the European External Action Service subsequently responded.  

The emerging great power rivalry between the US and China is putting Europe on the spot. The US-Chinese trade war, tariff barriers, and concerns over data and next-generation technologies are forcing Europeans to ask tough questions of their ties to Washington and Beijing. On security, how will the transatlantic partnership respond to China’s growing influence abroad? Will Europe be forced to choose sides? And will China and the US allow the EU to forge a common approach to this new geopolitical and economic reality? These questions and more were discussed during the breakfast session.

The roundtable was moderated by Rem Korteweg, Senior Research Fellow at the Clingendael Institute.

In the middle moderator Rem Korteweg, on his left Noah Barkin and right Steven Everts