We were back in Beirut! Humanitarian negotiation training
27 Nov 2019 - 16:45
Bron: Clingendael

Clingendael returned to Lebanon to provide two 3-day trainings in Beirut on negotiation skills for humanitarian aid workers.

The participants in the first training were from various (I)NGOs and UN organisations, working in  Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria and Yemen. Despite it being a large group – 24 participants – it was a very interactive training with enthusiastic involvement from all participants.

The second training was our first women only training. 16 women from the Middle East and various African countries participated in this special course, and helped to create a new and female focused learning environment. Though the content was the same as our other negotiation skills trainings; this group of female aid workers shared their specific knowledge and experience, and was able to hone their skills in a female only environment which made it a unique training for everyone.

Conflicts, violence, access challenges and breaches of humanitarian principles still occur in many of the locations where all these aid workers - male and female - are active. Through simulations and role play we provide an experiential learning environment in which participants can practice with practical negotiation tools and techniques to better handle their daily challenges.  In our extensive reflection sessions, participants  are also given an opportunity to share valuable experiences and lessons learned about negotiations in their humanitarian context, specific to their region.

The participants expressed their enthusiasm about the training, and as trainers, we learned more about the negotiation challenges faced by so many aid workers and their organisations.  It was another valuable experience and we are looking forward to returning to the Middle East for our training in Amman in December to train aid workers in Yemen.

For more training opportunities, check our training page or get in touch with one of the trainers.