European Public Policy Conference: our climate, our future
27 - 28 Mar 2020
Bron: Photo by Ryo Yoshitake on Unsplash

This event is organized by  the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin. Louise van Schaik, Head of the Clingendael International Sustainability Centre and Senior Research Fellow, will be a speaker at this event. The event will take place in Vilnius, Lituania. Details on the venue, registration and programme are forthcoming. 

Our Climate, our future: Exploring policy responses to climate change

The European Public Policy Conference (EPPC) 2020 will focus on a pressing issue going beyond our borders, our cultural distinctions and our economies - climate change. The aim of the conference is to create a platform for discussion between climate leaders, policy makers, experts and students on innovative solutions on the future of climate policy- making.

The conference will be broken down into three main conceptual areas:

  1. Energy, goods & food

    • How can we change production and consumption?

  2. Inequalities

    • How can we tackle and avoid climate change driven inequalities?

  3. International politics 

    • How can the world achieve a common solution?

Accelerating the acquisition of knowledge by empowering student leaders

The European Public Policy Conference (EPPC) is a unique initiative that empowers public policy students to take a leading role in shaping the debates on critical European policy issues. ​ This fully student-run event is sponsored by the IPLI Foundation and organized by the students at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin.

The EPPC position paper can be found here

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