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Strategic Monitor 2019-2020

27 Jan 2020 - 17:15
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Between Order & Chaos: The Writing on the Wall

The Clingendael Institute and The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies (HCSS) have presented its Strategic Monitor 2019-2020 to the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs, Stef Blok. 

The yearly report analyzes the most important trends and developments in the international regimes that form the international order, taking stock of the world of today and tomorrow. 

Geopolitical competition requires European strategic autonomy and new partnerships

The researchers see increasing geopolitical competition between America and China, which manifests itself in a growing number of domains. Economy and security are becoming more closely intertwined. The Netherlands is experiencing this firsthand, as witnessed by the export restrictions on ASML and the ongoing discussion about 5G. More European strategic autonomy and creative partnerships are necessary in the 'multi-order', in which opponents in one policy area are potential partners in the other, the researchers said: “Strategic autonomy offers freedom of choice, room for maneuver and leverage, and contributes to the security and prosperity of the Netherlands, but also to the stability of the global system as a whole."

Monika Sie and Danny Pronk present the Strategic Monitor to Minister Blok
Tim Sweijs (HCSS), Monika Sie Dhian Ho (Clingendael), Minister of Foreign Affairs - Stef Blok, Rob de Wijk (HCSS) and Danny Pronk (Clingendael)

The Strategic Monitor 2019-2020 comprises the report 'Between Order & Chaos: The Writing on The Wall' and ten individual research papers. The executive summary of the report is available in English and Dutch. The individual research papers are available in English.

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