Conflict and Fragility

Fragility Forum 2020: Partnering for Development and Peace
2 - 4 Mar 2020
Bron: Fragility Forum 2020: Partnering for Development and Peace

The Fragility Forum is a high-level event organized by the World Bank Group which brings together practitioners and policymakers from around the world to exchange knowledge and experience on engaging in environments affected by fragility, conflict and violence (FCV). Our Conflict Research Unit will be hosting a session on 'traditional authority structures in the face of conflict'. Visit the Forum's website for more details

Over three days, the Forum aims to provide an opportunity to harness the collective brain trust of stakeholders coming from government, international institutions, donor agencies, private sector, civil society, academia and media to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of development approaches to achieve lasting impact. It has been held three times previously.

The 2020 Fragility Forum will focus on implementation challenges and ways to achieve lasting impact for countries affected by fragility, conflict and violence. 

Session by Clingendael experts

Clingendael experts, in collaboration with VNG International and the Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law, will be hosting a session on 'traditional authority structures in the face of conflict'. Inspired by our recent study 'The legitimacy of traditional authorities in areas of limited statehood in Mali, Niger and Libya'.

The border regions of Mali, Niger, and Libya are far out of reach of these states’ central governments. Local governance is usually in the hands of traditional authorities, such as tribal chiefs and imams. Yet the ever-increasing presence of armed groups, as well as ensuing external interventions, are putting the delicate balances of power in these areas under pressure. Our researchers investigated how this has affected the relationship between traditional authorities, the state and local communities. 

The session will be focusing on the operationalisation of the research findings. The driving question will be: So How? Recognizing the potential that the research outlines for traditional authorities to influence conflict dynamics and structural weaknesses, how could program officers act on this knowledge? How can risks involved be identified, monitored and mitigated? How could programs be better calibrated to the working realities of engaging traditional authorities? 

We invite you to explore our interactive data map and to join our session.

Download full programme Fragility Forum 2020. 


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