Training on Curriculum Design for Ethiopian officials
14 Jul 2021 - 10:31
Bron: Clingendael

Designing a training curriculum from scratch is something that requires time and attention. You might ask yourself the following questions: where do you start? What is a logical order of steps to take? How do you make sure your learners achieve their learning goals? What kind of working formats should you consider?

During a four-day online workshop for officials of the Ethiopian Institute for Strategic Affairs (ISA), we addressed these questions. Participants were introduced to practical tools that help guide them through the cycle of curriculum development. Ample time was dedicated to creating an understanding of the functioning of a Training Needs Assessment (TNA), how to translate this to concrete learning objectives and linking this to the right working formats. Moreover, participants learned about the delivery of a training, what one should take into account, and how to effectively introduce exercises to the training audience. Throughout the programme, the participants not only exchanged valuable experience in the field of training but were also able to establish a solid set of tools which they were able to put into practice, when assigned to design their training plan.

A great part of the final day was marked by the participants’ presentations of their own training plans to be implemented in the future. The elaborate presentations were met with constructive reflections by the colleagues in terms of i.e. structure, applicability, relevance  etc. This final day once again exemplified the participants’ professionalism and proactivity to strengthen their knowledge, skills and capacity in the area of curriculum design by implementing the lessons learned throughout the training week.  

Participants followed the training together in Addis Ababa
Participants came together in Addis Ababa to follow the online training