Akash Ramnath

Junior Researcher


  • Security and Defence
  • Sustainability
  • Climate Change

Akash Ramnath is a Junior Research Fellow at the Planetary Security Initiative (PSI), a project run by the Clingendael Institute. Through the PSI and other Clingendael activities, Akash investigates the links between climate change, energy geopolitics and human security, whilst also engaging stakeholders from across the policy, practice and academic worlds to raise awareness of around climate and energy security. Akash is also a contributing author for publications focusing on the energy transition and security, climate security, military decarbonisation as well as looking into wider areas of European and South Asian geostrategy.

Akash holds an Advanced Masters degree in International Relations & Diplomacy (MSc) at Leiden University, Netherlands, with specific focuses on the climate and conflict nexus, conflict mediation, as well as Arctic geopolitics. He also holds a degree in International Relations & Global Issues (MSci), jointly issued by the University of Nottingham and Hong Kong University. During his studies, he conducted on the ground research into the conflict situations developing in Kashmir and South China Sea with the support of both universities. Akash also has worked as a Senior Associate at AlphaSights, a global private equity research firm based in London and New York, supporting client research activities into technology, energy and critical raw materials markets. Additionally, he also managed pro-bono projects in the areas of digital education and water security for local communities across Niger, Benin and Nepal.

My work



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