Training Eastern and Southern Africa and Regional Organisations
30 Nov 2021 - 12:14
Bron: Clingendael

Recently, diplomats and representatives from Eastern and Southern African countries and regional organisations successfully completed a 3-week digital training programme at Clingendael. 

The participants, who were based either in capital or at Embassies abroad, worked on contemporary issues within international affairs with a focus on the African continent and specifically in relation to the Eastern and Southern region. The programme consisted of both skills and content-based workshops. During the various skills sessions, participants enhanced their capabilities in areas including international negotiations, intercultural communication, regional and nation branding strategies, crisis communication, and economic diplomacy. The participants also worked closely together and engaged with experts from various fields in sessions focussing on a range of topics such as regional cooperation, international law, international security, cyber security, climate change, the future of energy, and digital economy.

Throughout the course, the participants addressed the need for continuous regional and international cooperation. Together, they continued to build their international networks and perspectives, while engaging with representatives from the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The European Centre for Development Policy Management, and the International Criminal Court.