In-person Training for diplomats in the city of Peace and Justice
03 Jan 2022 - 09:36
Bron: Clingendael

From the 29th of November until the 3rd of December, diplomats from all over the world, with their current post in member states of the European Union, have travelled to The Hague to engage in a special training around skills and networks. The participating diplomats all represented countries with whom the Netherlands has a valuable relationship.

Next to sessions on substantial topics, such as diplomacy in the 21st century and international law, the course offered a practical introduction on the legal and international institutions based in the city. Consequently,  participants engaged in meaningful discussions with representatives of the International Court of Justice, the Organization on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, and the International Commission on Missing Persons. Furthermore, they enhanced their capabilities during multiple skill sessions, such as international negotiations, intercultural communication, regional and nation branding strategies, and setting up trade missions. 

Participants enjoyed a beautiful walking tour of the City of Justice (the Hague). We wish them all the best in their future endeavors.