MENA junior diplomats trained by the Clingendael Academy
01 Aug 2022 - 09:26
Bron: Clingendael

Last month 19 diplomats from across the Middle East and North Africa participated in a three-week hybrid Clingendael Academy training programme, of which the first week was online and two weeks were at Clingendael. The programme focused on promoting regional cooperation, familiarizing the diplomats with Dutch and EU policies towards the region, and gaining knowledge and skills needed for the work of a diplomat. 

The programme was divided in 3 modules, each lasting one week: 1) Modern Diplomacy; 2) Climate Change, Security & the EU; 3) International Law & Multilateral Negotiations. The diplomats were continuously tasked to expand their comfort zone with skills sessions on intercultural communication, crisis management & communication, presentation skills, debating and international negotiations. These skill sessions have been specifically developed by the Clingendael Academy to combine academic knowledge with practical exercises and extensive feedback to the team or individual.  

CMENA Debating
Participants engaged in a debating exercise

Additionally, the programme contained interactive lectures from in-house experts and experts in the field on topics such as Nation Branding, Economic Security, Cyber Diplomacy, Water & Climate Adaptation, NATO, and diplomatic immunities.  

Lastly, participants enjoyed work visits to the International Criminal Court in the Hague and the European Commission in Brussels as well as several social activities such as dinners and a bus tour.