Successful Course on International Security completed
10 Nov 2017 - 14:01
Bron: The US Army / Flickr
In today’s global world it is essential to understand trends in international security and emerging security threats and the impact they may have on your region and work.
Today, the fall edition of the course on International Security concluded its final day. The course on International Security is a recurring open registration programme at Clingendael and held twice a year. It is open to all professionals with an interest in international security.
The fall 2017 course provided a platform for practitioners from various backgrounds to deepen their understanding of key developments, trends and perspectives on international security. The training covered various topics such as terrorism, migration, peace missions, fragile states and considered several regions, including the Middle East, North Africa, Russia, China and the EU. The course also included various workshops enhancing participants’ skills in conflict analysis and scenario planning for future threats. Participants actively participated, sharing their views on security, how (in)security impacts their work and discussed innovative manners to handle new emerging security threats.
A new course will be offered in 2018, both in the spring (Dutch edition) and in the fall (English edition).