Clingendael trains negotiators and mediators in the Philippines
25 May 2018 - 11:38

From 20 to 25 May, Clingendael delivered two training sessions in Davao, Philippines, thereby supporting the capacity for peace in Mindanao. 

The first one was for the Central Committee of the MNLF focusing on negotiations as a political decision making tool as well as strategic thinking on building a political party. 

The second was for a new batch of Insider Mediators. The Bangsamoro Insider Mediator (IM) Group basically started in September 2016 with a negotiation and mediation training from Clingendael and with the support of the UNDP

Part of the group was working in Manila all week to get the BBL through Congress and the Senate. In the training for the new batch specific focus was on creating a platform within the wider IM structure to deal with interfaith tension and radicalisation. 

Both types of training will continue in support of a future stable and peaceful Bangsamoro.

The trainings are part of our larger project “Negotiation Training as a Conflict Resolution Instrument” financed by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.