Latin American and Caribbean junior diplomats foster cooperation
07 Jun 2018 - 11:12
Bron: Clingendael

The last week has kicked off for 19 junior diplomats from Latin America and the Caribbean that are participating in the training programme: ‘Enabling Closer Cooperation’ here at the Clingendael Academy. Although this is their last week, the diplomats continue to actively explore various international and regional topics while engaging in the sharing of knowledge and best practices.

Advancing closer regional cooperation and tackling international issues

This intensive four week programme that is being held for the fourth time, carries the overall aims of promoting and fostering closer regional cooperation and further strengthening of the close relationship with the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Additionally, close attention is paid to topics relevant to both the regional and international arena varying from:  

  • trends in international security; 
  • cyber security;
  • water and climate change;
  • international law;
  • economic diplomacy and trade promotion.

Throughout the programme, the diplomats engaged in various individual and groups projects in which they sought to constructively apply the gained knowledge and expertise to various thematic topics related to regional cooperation.  This combined with intensive skills training in presentation, negotiation, political reporting and intercultural communication has provided for the participants to expand and strengthen their diplomatic toolbox that is needed to operate effectively in an international environment that is rapidly changing.

Exchanging knowledge and best practices

Interactively engaging and sharing knowledge with experts also through working visits to European Institutions and the United Nations in Brussels, International organizations in the Hague and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, provided for another opportunity to bring various stakeholders together to discuss issues of both international and regional importance. A key element reflected in these engagements was the sharing of both knowledge and best practices in relation to their region.


During these last final days of the programme, the diplomats are ready to take on the challenge of discussing the pressing topic of climate change including its impact on the region. The diplomats will also be stimulated to explore what role they as diplomats can play within this field.