Strategic Foresight


Global Security Pulse: (Russian) political warfare

30 Aug 2018 - 13:55

The Global Security Pulse tracks emerging security trends and risks worldwide. 

This month the Global Security Pulse focuses on the subject of political warfare. It specifically assesses how it plays a role in the foreign relations of Russia and consists of three separate parts:

  • A table of the main trends regarding the threat of political warfare, with Russia remaining the most active and aggressive actor; 
  • A table on the impact of political warfare on the overall state of the international order, based on a set of qualitative indicators/proxy’s;
  • The results of a structured Horizon Scan. 

All (raw) results are available with the authors.

The Global Security Pulse (GSP) makes use of an advanced horizon-scanning methodology that relies on the manual monitoring of hundreds of validated foresight resources, the structured coding of signals and expert assessment. The GSP product is based on the Clingendael Radar and has been further developed by The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies and the Clingendael Institute. It is part of the Strategic Monitor Programme, which receives funding from the Dutch Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defence.