Shiraka: the MENA-region partners up for Water Management
18 Sep 2018 - 12:15
Bron: Clingendael

From Iran to Algeria, from Jordan to Yemen – every country in the MENA region faces its own distinct challenges, especially when it comes to sustainable water management. With climate change having its profound impact on the environment and societies, water challenges are now (more than ever) a source of both conflict and cooperation.

Last week at Clingendael 23 experts from the MENA region successfully completed the 4th Edition of the Shiraka Water Management programme. This two week programme has been organised once a year by Clingendael and its partners IHE-Delft and WaterFocus.

participants during one of their working visits

The participants shared their knowledge and expertise amongst each other, while engaging professionals and academics from the Dutch water sector as well. In addition to honing their skills in presentation and negotiation, the group visited landmarks of Dutch water innovation such as Maeslantkering, the harbour of Rotterdam and a Dutch water treatment plant at the Harnaschpolder to gain insights and share perspectives.

The work does not stop there as the participants formulated Back Home Action Plans to follow-up on possible partnerships and to implement their acquired skills, knowledge and insights at the agencies and ministries in their home countries.

This training is part of the Shiraka Training Programme, financed by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.