Anna Schmauder

Research Fellow


  • Conflict and Fragility
  • Politics and Crime


  • Sub Saharan Africa

Anna Schmauder is a Research Fellow at Clingendael’s Conflict Research Unit where she works on the western Sahel region.

 In her research she focuses on political orders, hybrid governance and policy responses, in particular in Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger. Her research includes both state and (armed) non-state actors, and the myriad intersections in which they govern Sahelian cross-border territories.

Prior to joining Clingendael in 2018, Anna worked as research assistant including for International Crisis Group in Nairobi. She has further gained work experience at the German Federal Foreign Office and the German Bundestag, where she worked as Research Associate for a MP. Anna is a trained conflict mediator and holds a MA in International Affairs from Freie Universität Berlin and a MA in International Security Studies from Sciences Po Paris.


My work



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