Conflict and Fragility

Policy briefs

Conflict-sensitive and humane migration management in the Sahel

18 Dec 2018 - 13:41
Bron: Jérôme Tubiana

Since the advent of the 2015 crisis of migration and refugee governance in Europe, two broad normative frames have shaped migratory dynamics in the Sahel.

In her policy brief Fransje Molenaar indicates how these two migration frames have had signifcant negative consequences for those local communities that suffer the consequences of current migration governance in the region as well as for migrants traversing the Sahel.

Migration policies and measures ‘tend to focus on short-term results, or “fixing the problem”’, and this has problematic implications for local, regional and international peace and stability. Moreover, it puts migrants in a situation in which they are increasingly subjected to abuses and human rights violations. 

What is needed is a more comprehensive approach to migration governance which recognises that investing in human rights and stability in migrant transit regions – through the incorporation of peacebuilding lessons – would ultimately serve European interests more effectively.