Noura Harrath

Former Academy Fellow


  • Diplomatic practice
  • Economic and sustainable development

Noura Harrath joined the Clingendael Institute from February 2019-2021 as an Academy Fellow.

As a coordinator, she organises diplomatic training programmes, working with diplomatic training groups from a multitude of countries. She also coordinates courses on humanitarian negotiations as well as blue economy and diplomacy.

Before joining Clingendael, Noura worked as an international tour leader, an educator in the National Museum of World Culture and as a facilitator in interactive theatre for polarized groups.

Noura holds a BSc in International Development Studies, an MSc in the field of Cultural Geography with a focus on mobilization patterns, both from the University of Wageningen. Throughout these studies, she lived in Italy for an internship focusing on intercultural dialogue between Europe and the MENA region and has lived for longer periods in Tunisia amongst others for research and her Arab Language Studies at the Tunis El Manar University.

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