Target groups

We enhance the quality and competences of negotiators and mediators who are actively taking part in peace negotiation or mediation processes at the local, national, regional, and international level. We have trained more than 1800 alumni from 2017-2020 divided in the roles below. 

Target groups negotiation training conflict resolution (2017-2020)

More statistics: Negotiation Training Conflict resolution: Impact map 2017-2020

Groups taking part in negotiation processes

Large-scale, multi-issue, multi-party, and politically sensitive negotiations make for a highly specialised form of bargaining. In situations of conflict, the involved parties often lack experience in strategic political negotiation, priority establishment or in adhering to a mandate. For some groups, even recognising the opposing side as a legitimate negotiating party can be too much to ask. To complicate matters even further, the task of negotiating is not always delegated to a trained negotiator, but may instead fall on the shoulders of individuals unfamiliar with the unique demands and skills required to negotiate successfully, such as military leaders.

In order to operate clearly, calmly, and decisively under the enormous stress of peace talk negotiations, Clingendael training sessions help groups in conflict develop a reliable set of skills.

Groups taking part in mediation processes

In addition, Clingendael Academy recognises the crucial need to train the actors and individuals mediating these processes. What is mediation exactly? At its core, mediation is the facilitation of a negotiation process, and involves one delicate but primary concern: to minimise the damages incurred by negotiating parties while maximising a common point of agreement.

Successful mediators must be aware of their intrinsic motivation, their role, their constituents, the mandates to which negotiating parties must adhere, and the internal and external pressures at play, both in terms of the groups’ dynamics, as well as in light of their own role as a mediator. Clingendael mediator training programmes are specially designed to help participants acquire this comprehensive range of skills and insight.