Foppe Wiersma

Former Training and Research Fellow


  • Diplomatic practice
  • Personal effectiveness

Until December 2017 Foppe Wiersma was Training and Research Fellow at Clingendael Academy. He was responsible for organising the training programme for Dutch junior diplomats, also known as ‘het Klasje’ (The Class). He also coordinated courses for foreign diplomats and worked with groups from South-East Asia, Eastern-Europe and Africa. Furthermore he was coordinator of the ‘Leergang Buitenlandse Betrekkingen’ (LBB), a postdoctoral course on international relations for professionals and aspiring young graduates.

Before joining Clingendael in 2011, he worked for ING Bank in Amsterdam, Geneva and Brussels. At Clingendael Academy, he specialised in Economic Diplomacy and gave training in debating, presentation skills and effective communication skills. He graduated from Leiden University with an LL.M. in European Law, focusing on European human rights issues. As part of his study, he spent a year at King’s College London (UK) and completed an internship at the Dutch embassy in New Delhi, India.

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