Conflict and Fragility

Policy briefs

The Importance of Supporting Early Security and Justice in Libya

05 Dec 2011 - 10:28
Bron: UN photo

Libya's interim National Transitional Council is tasked to initiate the complex and sensitive post-conflict transition that lies before Libya in support of democratization, economic development and the rule of law. The overall effort will be a daunting one in a country where such processes were prevented or oddly and brutally interpreted by the eccentric Muammar al-Qaddafi to the benefit of his family and supporters. This policy brief articulates some of the immediate post-conflict challenges affecting security and justice sector reform in an environment that will be particularly challenging. The policy brief stresses that the international community will have to take a particular mindset and approach to providing external security and justice sector assistance. National authorities should also work closely with non-state and other domestic actors to ensure that Libya's future security and justice sector is based upon a common vision and local community-level expectations.