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Administratieve Lastenverlichting voor Burgers: Een uitdaging op verschillende bestuurlijke niveaus

25 Oct 2010 - 15:39

Commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relation, 'Clingendael' has completed a study on the policy to reduce the administrative burdens of EU policies for citizens. The study evaluates the administrative structures and capacities of the EU's multilevel administrative system. The Netherlands has objectives and mechanisms to reduce administrative burdens at the national level. The EU has objectives and systems - particularly the Commission's integrated impact assessment system. However, as this study explains, these two systems do not communicate. The conclusion of the study is that national and EU systems related to burden reduction should be better interconnected. Moreover, it concludes that there are benchmark processes comparing national systems related to national reduction targets but the national reduction systems are not benchmarked against the EU's objectives and systems.

Evaluatie van de doelstelling administratieve lastenverlichting voor burgers op verschillende (Europese) niveaus