Alies Rijper

Former Research Specialist KPSRL


  • Conflict and Fragility
  • Security and Justice

Expertise: conflict studies, international development, rule of law, human security

Until December 2017 Alies Rijper was Research Specialist of the Platform’s Secretariat. She is a PhD Candidate at the School of Government and International Affairs and the Durham Global Security Institute at Durham University, researching policing, security and statehood in Burundi.

She has a background in conflict studies and international development, with master’s degrees from Utrecht University and Radboud University Nijmegen. At the latter, she took part in the Advanced Master in International Development programme in 2012 and did her traineeship at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, working on Policy Coherence for Development and Global Public Goods.

Alies has extensive experience both working as well as carrying out research in Burundi and the Eastern provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Over the past years, she has worked for ICCO&Kerk in Actie in Bukavu, evaluated development programmes for Agriterra and the Dutch Consortium for Rehabilitation in Burundi and North Kivu respectively, and independently carried out fieldwork on security provision, Security Sector Development and policing for her master’s and PhD in Burundi. In addition, she has carried out (research) consultancies for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and PAX, and worked as project editor on human security at The Broker. 

My work