Ellen Huijgh

Former Sr. Visiting Research Fellow


  • Trade and Globalisation
  • Migration

Until March 2018 Ellen Huijgh was a Sr. Visiting Research Fellow at the Clingendael Institute and co-editor of the Clingendael Discussion Papers in Diplomacy since 2008. Ellen conducted research on public diplomacy and domestic outreach at different levels of government across the globe, and published on the subject in several journals and books (link) Through her research, the Clingendael Institute worked closely with the political science department of the University of Antwerp (Belgium). Ellen also investigated the public diplomacy of emerging powers (link), such as Indonesia and Turkey, as a Research Fellow at the Center on Public Diplomacy of the University of Southern California (2013-2015). She also had close ties with Carleton University in Ottawa (Canada) where she was a visiting scholar and lived for five years (2007-2012) and the Centre for Strategic and International Studies in Jakarta (Indonesia) (2012). Ellen joined Clingendael in 2008 following her work as a research fellow for the Communication Department of the Free University of Brussels. She has provided advice, training, and assistance to various governments in establishing and implementing their public communication strategy at home and abroad.

Her interest in public diplomacy touched upon issues of domestic outreach and public affairs, citizen engagement and government communication on foreign policy, sub- and non-state actors and emerging powers.