Jurgen Oppel

Former Senior Research Fellow


  • Security and Defence

Expertise: Security & Defence, Strategic Communication, Hybrid Warfare, Civil-Military Interaction.

Jurgen Oppel’s work at Clingendael encompasses these issues, as well as Joint Operations, Information Operations, Psychological Operations,  Peace Support Operations and Military Decision Making Process.

Jurgen is on secondment  from the Netherlands Ministry Defence since June 2017. He started his career in 1990 as an Infantry Officer and held several leadership positions. In a later stage he switched service to the Military Psychological and Sociological Service.

More recently he worked as Chief Current Operations of  ISAF’s Regional Command North (Afghanistan), Head of the Civil Military Interaction Branch of 11 Airmobile Brigade, Head of the Land Training Expertise Centre and Strategic Advisor to the National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism (NCTV).

He graduated from the the Royal Military Academy and Utrecht University Educational Sciences, resulting in a MSc degree (2006) and completed various national Defence and high level NATO courses.

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