Lennart Landman

former Research Associate


  • Security and Defence


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Expertise: Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP); European defence cooperation; strategic foresight; technology and security.

Lennart Landman is a former Research Associate at the Clingendael Institute. He specializes in European security and defence issues and strategic futures, but also as a keen interest in technology in the context of international security. He is currently working on defence issues for the Netherlands Presidency of the EU and the EU Global Strategy. In the past he has worked on various projects on multilateral defence cooperation and the EU Common Security and Defence Policy, as well as national risk assessment and strategic foresight projects such as the Clingendael Strategic Monitor.

Lennart graduated from Groningen University (NL) with an MA (Cum Laude) in International Relations and International Organization. He is currently finalizing his Ph.D. at Groningen University on EU strategic concepts and security strategies.

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