Maha Yassin

Research Fellow


  • Europe in the World
  • Sustainability
  • Climate Change
  • Food & Water

Maha Yassin is a Research Fellow at the Clingendael Institute. Her work focuses on awareness-raising via policy research and outreach on climate security nexus in Iraq, and the wider Middle East region.

Maha speaks Arabic and is in charge of outreach of the Planetary Security Initiative. She is playing a big role in the effort of this initiative to set up a climate security and peace dialogue among stakeholders in Iraq. Maha manages the Basra Forum (BF) for Climate, Environment and Security, a network of local environmental, climate and security actors in Iraq.

Maha holds an MA in communication studies from Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), where she focused on researching media framing of environmental activism in Iraq. Prior to becoming a researcher, Maha studied Geology (BSc) with focus on environmental degradation. She worked for a humanitarian disarmament project in the south of Iraq. While studying at EUR, Maha has volunteered for PAX and interned at the Clingendael’s Planetary Security Initiative.

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