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Margriet Drent is Coordinator of and Senior Research Fellow at the Security Unit of the Clingendael Research Department. She specialises in security and defence with a specific focus on the EU as a Security Actor and the Common Security and Defence Policy. She is also a member of the Peace and Security Committee of the Advisory Council on International Affairs (AIV).

From 2008 to 2015 Margriet was Assistant Professor at the International Relations Department of Groningen University, where she lectured on international security, theory of International Relations and the EU as a security actor.
In 2014-2015 she also lectured at the International Relations Department of the University of Leiden. In 2010 she was awarded her PhD on the 'Europeanization of security', focusing on the European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP).
Until 2004, Margriet was Executive Director of the Groningen-based Centre for European Security Studies where she managed and designed projects aimed at enhancing the democratic governance of armed forces in Central and Eastern European countries.

Next to her membership of the Peace and Security Committee of the Advisory Council on International Affairs (AIV), Margriet is member of:

  • Defence Advisory group of  the Dutch party 'Partij van de Arbeid'
  • European Consortium for Political Research
  • University Association for Contemporary European Studies
  • Dutch Chapter of Women in International Security (WIIS)

Margriet is also editor of  'Studia Diplomatica' (Egmont Institute) and PhD supervisor at  Groningen University.

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