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Myrthe Wijnkoop is Senior Research Fellow at the EU & Global Affairs Unit at Clingendael. Her field of expertise mainly concerns international and European refugee and asylum law, the externalisation of refugee protection, legal migration pathways, the asylum and migration nexus and the politics of asylum and migration in the EU and European context.

Prior to joining Clingendael, Myrthe was a senior advisor to the Advisory Council on Migration (ACVZ) from 2020-2022 and an independent consultant on asylum and migration associated to Clingendael. She studied general Law and International Public Law specializing in human rights and humanitarian law at the University of Amsterdam and holds both LLM degrees cum laude. Myrthe has almost twenty years of experience as a legal policy advisor and strategy analyst in the field of asylum and (forced) migration from an international, European and national perspective. She was the political advisor of Secretary of State on Migration in 2007-2008. Myrthe has worked for non-governmental and international organisations such as the Amnesty International, Red Cross, UNHCR, Dutch Council for Refugees/ECRE, as well as with the Dutch and European parliament and the Ministry of Justice and Security. 

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