Ries Kamphof

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Expertise: EU external relations; climate change negotiations; (scarcity of) natural resources; development finance; sustainable development goals; EU institutional power relations.

Ries Kamphof is a researcher international relations at Kaleidos Research and PhD candidate at Leiden University (Campus Den Haag). Kaleidos Research is part of stichting NCDO, the Dutch expertise centre on international cooperation and global citizenship. As a researcher international relations Ries focuses on economic and sustainable development topics such as natural resources, Financing for Development, TTIP and post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals.

Since 2013 Ries is a PhD Candidate in Political Science at Leiden University (Campus Den Haag). His PhD topic relates to the sharing of competences between EU and Member States in climate and energy policies. His research includes case-studies on the UNFCCC climate change negotiations, an EU raw material strategy, circular economy and energy union. His supervisor is Prof. Dr. Madeleine O. Hosli. Ries is also guest lecturer European Integration at Leiden University College.

Ries has a background in Political Science and European Law. Prior working experience includes (among others) a role as policy adviser on European Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Security and Development Cooperation at the Dutch Senate (Eerste Kamer der Staten-Generaal).

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