Shaun Riordan

Former Senior Visiting Fellow
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  • Trade and Globalisation

Expertise: Diplomacy in theory and practice; analysis and management of geopolitical risk.

Shaun Riordan is a Senior Visiting Fellow at the Clingendael Institute. He is also Head of Economics and Theory of Knowledge at the International College Spain in Madrid, and independent consultant to companies and sub-national governments on the analysis and management of geopolitical risk. He is the author of The New Diplomacy (Polity 2003) and Adios a la Diplomacia (Siglo XXI 2005).

He is currently working on the implications of conflicting diplomatic agendas for the structure and operations of diplomatic services, in particular the new European External Action Service, the development of “semi-detached” institutions to implement the new public diplomacy and innovation in business diplomacy.

He holds a Master’s Degree in Philosophy from the University of Cambridge. After graduation, he served in the British diplomatic service, with postings in New York, Peking and Madrid. He then worked for the Foreign Ministry at the departments for the UN, Hong Kong, counter-terrorism and the Former Yugoslavia. In 2002-2003 he was Visiting Research Fellow of the Centre for Global Governance of the London School of Economics.

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