Stephan Slingerland

Former Senior Research Associate
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  • Sustainability
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Dr. Stephan Slingerland is an independent international researcher and writer in the areas of geopolitics, social sustainability and public support for sustainability transitions. He is a former Senior Research Associate of the Clingendael International Sustainability Centre (CISC) and Trinomics Environmental & Economics Consultancy, and guest researcher at the IVM Institute for Environmental Studies.

Expertise: geopolitics of sustainability, political economy, energy geopolitics

Stephan is a regular contributor to the Clingendael Spectator, the magazine of the Clingendael Institute. His publications include: 

- Bridging the real gaps in sustainability policies in 2020 (Dec 2019)

- Who owns the Brazilian rainforest? (Sept 2019)

- Beyond Nord Stream 2: Lessons for the Netherlands (May 2019)

- Recycling the Dutch nuclear energy debate (Nov 2018)

- Khashoggi's death: a landmark for global sustainability? (Oct 2018)

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