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Expertise: International climate, resources and energy policy; the geopolitics of international energy and resources transitions; political economy and sustainability governance.

Stephan Slingerland is a senior researcher and policy advisor focusing on geopolitics, governance and political economy of the international transition towards a more sustainable world order. He worked as a project manager for a.o. the European Commission, the European Parliament, OECD, IEA, the International Trade Council, the Netherlands government and Tata Steel.

He is an experienced public speaker, and has also written a large number of scientific publications, articles, reviews and columns. Previously Stephan was senior researcher at the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency PBL, at the Clingendael International Energy Programme, and at the environmental consultancy CE Delft.

Stephan is co-editor of the Dutch magazine on international relations Internationale Spectator, senior associate of the environmental consultancy Trinomics BV , reviewer of environment & economy books for the Dutch association of environmental professionals VVM, and member of the discussion platform Bezinningsgroep Energiebeleid. His most recent publication is ‘Energy for Green Welfare’ (in Dutch), an analysis of key drivers for a successful energy transition in the Netherlands in a global political context.

Other relevant studies include ‘EU energy governance: How does it work?’, ‘Public Private Partnerships for Inclusive Green Growth’, ‘The Green Growth Debate in the Netherlands: Facts and Opinions Disentwined’, ‘Scarcity in a sea of plenty – Global resource scarcities and policies in the European Union and the Netherlands’, ‘Solving global environmental problems – Navigating between policy coordination and competition’ and ‘Alternative Roads for International Climate Policies and their Consequences for the Netherlands’.

Stephan holds an MSc in Chemistry (Leiden University, 1993), an MPhil in Environment and Development (Cambridge University, 1994) and a PhD in Environmental Sciences (Amsterdam University, 1999).

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