About the Clingendael Institute
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The Clingendael Institute is housed in the beautiful, partly 17th century, country manor ‘Huys Clingendael’

The Netherlands Institute of International Relations ‘Clingendael’ aims to enhance and deepen knowledge and discussion on issues related to international affairs. The Institute realises this objective through its research, training and consultancy for national and international parties. The Institute publishes reports and policy briefs, holds numerous conferences and publishes a weekly newsletter and the online magazine Internationale Spectator. Every year Clingendael offers a wide spectrum of courses and programmes, training hundreds of diplomats, civil servants, and other professionals from all over the world.

Clingendael is an independent Institute, and as such, not affiliated with any political, social, or religious movement. As a neutral platform, the Institute is the ideal location for conferences and round tables, with the primary objective of enhancing the public debate on international affairs.

The Institute holds a vast global network of think tanks, academies, NGOs, the diplomatic corps, and other relevant institutions.

Clingendael Research

The Research department mainly focuses on topics in the field of and European Affairs, Security, Conflict and Fragility, and Global Issues. Clingendael Research acts in an advisory capacity to the Dutch government, parliament, public organisations, and the media. The results of its research are disseminated through publications, conferences, lectures, and appearances in Dutch and foreign media.

Clingendael Academy

Clingendael Academy develops and organises a broad range of courses and training programmes, varying from open registration courses to tailor-made programmes for specific audiences. The training programmes aim to enhance knowledge and skills on topics such as Europe and the European Union, security and conflict management, diplomacy and negotiation techniques, and capacity building.

Platform for Knowledge

The Clingendael Institute is housed in a beautiful, partly-17th-century, country manor house, which is surrounded by a park; a wonderful location where participants from all over the world can take part in events and training programmes.