Annex C
Overview of Events


Date Activity Organisation Venue
27-2-2015 ASEM: Symposium & brainstorm Nederlandse inzet Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs The Hague


Date Activity Organisation Venue
24-3-2015 Met Kennis van Klimaat naar de Nationale adaptatiestrategie Kennis voor Klimaat The Hague
20/21-5-2015 Development and Security in the Sahel CRU Clingendael
24-6-2015 Annual Conference 2015 of the Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law (KPSRL) Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law (KPSRL) The Hague
7/10-10-2015 Public Diplomacy Forum 2015: 4th International Conference on Public Diplomacy in China-Europe Relations Robert Bosch Stiftung Berlin
22-10-2015 Plural security in the city University of Amsterdam/ CRU/ Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law (KPSRL) Amsterdam
4/5-12-2015 1st Conference on Business Diplomacy Windesheim University of Applied Sciences Zwolle
7-12-2015 EU and Global Value Chains Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs Amsterdam


Date Activity Organisation Venue
6-5-2015 The deeper causes of the current Iraqi conflict and feasible approaches towards its resolution Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law (KPSRL) The Hague
3-6-2015 Iraq & the Middle East: brown bag lunch with Dr. Lina Khatib & Mr. Mehdi Khalaji Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law (KPSRL) The Hague
17-7-2015 Digital Diplomacy: starting a social media presence in Asia Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs The Hague
22-10-2015 Debate with Kati Piri and Ali Ferzat on press freedom Humanity House The Hague
5-11-2015 Ontmoeting met Ron Keller (Amb Beijing) The Hague

Expert meeting

Date Activity Organisation Venue
9-1-2015 Cyber security & international relations Clingendael, The Hague Clingendael / Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs
21-1-2015 The struggle for power in Libya Clingendael, The Hague Clingendael / Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs
31-3-2015 A nuclear deal with Iran? Clingendael, The Hague Clingendael / Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs
3-6-2015 Saudi-Iranian rivalry: Implications for the Middle East and for European involvement in the region Nieuwspoort, The Hague Clingendael / Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs
18-9-2015 De publieke kern van het Internet Babylon Hotel, The Hague Clingendael / Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs
21-09-2015 Europe, China and global economic governance Clingendael, The Hague Clingendael
6/7-10-2015 NATO Advanced Research Workshop ‘(Counter-)terrorism in the post-Arab Spring Context’ Brussels Clingendael / International Centre for Counter-Terrorism (ICCT) / Al-Ahram / NATO


Date Activity Organisation Venue
6-3-2015 Diplomacy in the Digital Age Ministry of Foreign Affairs Helsinki Helsinki


Date Activity Organisation Venue
4-3-2015 Humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons SIB Leiden / Red Cross Leiden
15-4-2015 Cyber in Foreign Policy: Training Course for Diplomats ICT4Peace / Clingendael The Hague
3-6-2015 Course on International Arms Control for Diplomats from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Hotzone Solutions The Hague
6-11-2015 Iran after the Nuclear Deal Amsterdam Initiative for Iranian Studies / Amsterdam Centre for Middle Eastern Studies, Amsterdam University Amsterdam


Date Activity Organisation Venue
August-December Soundboard group RSA Singapore The Hague
2-1-2015 EU Cultural and Science Diplomacy Horizon 2020 The Hague
19/20-11-2015 Network Meeting of national EU think tanks: ' challenges and opportunities for the Dutch Presidency' Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs The Hague
10/11-9-2015 East Asia - Europe think tank dialogue (KAF) The Hague


Date Activity Organisation Venue
11-4-2015 Diplomacy in the Digital Age: Technology and Diplomacy Web Summit Dublin Embassy of Canada
22/24-6-15 Media and Foreign Policy in the Digital Age, in: Foreign Policy in 140 Characters Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum 2015
1-10-2015 Global health and health systems strengthening. Europe and developing countries European Health Forum Bad Gastein
10-12-2015 Global governance reform: A chance for strategic cooperation between the EU and emerging market economies European Policy Centre (EPC) Brussels


Date Activity Organisation Venue
10-6-2015 Diplomacy in the Digital Age Auswaertiges Amt Berlin Berlin
15-6-2015 Analysis of the Perception of the EU and EU’s Policies abroad Interim Report Meeting European External Action Service (EEAS)
28-7-2015 Video messages on green growth and energy security Louise van Schaik Clingendael
30-7-2015 Speech at UN Counter Terrorism Committee's special meeting Bibi van Ginkel Clingendael
17-11-2015 Responding to thugs and vigilants: the challenges of non-conventional armed violence Norwegian Peacebuilding Resource Centre (NOREF)/CRU Oslo


Date Activity Organisation Venue
30-3-2015 China’s Cultural Relations Chinese Ministry of Culture / China Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)
4-6-2015 Africa in the global power context and the future capabilities of the continent's Big Five Knowledge Platform Security & Rule of Law (KPSRL) The Hague
10-12-2015 GMAS High-Level Round Table 2015: The Media Landscape/Laptop Diplomacy Nieuwspoort Press Centre The Hague The Hague


Date Activity Organisation Venue
13-1-2015 The rapid development of China’s Public Diplomacy: What does it mean for Europe? Madariaga Foundation
30-1-2015 Ambassadeurs in Azie in gesprek met kennisinstellingen University of Leiden
25/26-03-2015 The Duty of Care and Citizen Security Norwegian Institute of International Affairs
11-4-2015 Seminar Digital Diplomacy Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Ireland
25-6-2015 Is TTIP gezond? Institute of Tropical Medicine Utrecht
6-9-2015 EEAS Cultural Diplomacy Strategy European Commission and European External Action Service (EEAS) / Bozar Centre for Fine Arts
3-10-2015 DG Trade seminar met Commissaris Malmstrom Brussels
22-10-2015 International Governance in turbulente tijden Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs / Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs The Hague
24-10-2015 Carnegie Europe seminar: Europa-China Brussels
3/4-11-2015 SWP seminar: Europa-Taiwan & interviews AA Berlin
18-11-2015 Digital Diplomacy: What Future for Governments? Egmont Institute / Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
14-12-2015 COP21 debriefing Access Europe Amsterdam


Date Activity Organisation Venue
13/14-2-2015 Assessing the EU role at the UNGA Athens University of Economics and Business Athens
12-3-2015 After the Malian crisis: security and stabilization in the Sahel CRU Bamako (Mali)
12-9-2015 European Diplomacy Outside Europe’s Borders Maastricht University Campus Brussels
5/6-11-2015 Diplomacy and the Duty of Care University of Edinburgh
23-11-2015 Informal Economies in Fragile Environments: Exploring the links to justice & security CRU The Hague
10-12-2015 The rising emerging market economies and the faltering EU: A new global economic architecture European Policy Centre (EPC) Brussels