Board of Governors



Dr. B.H. (Bernard) Bot

Prof. Dr. P.F. (Paul) van der Heijden (per 1 March 2015)

Former minister of Foreign Affairs, partner of Meines Holla (till March 1, 2015) / Prof. Dr. P. F. (Paul) van der Heijden – President Emeritus Leiden University and Professor in International Law, Leiden Law School (per 1 March 2015) - Chairman

Lt Gen. (ret.) M.L.M. (Marcel) Urlings

Former Commander-in-Chief, Royal Netherlands Army – Vice-Chairman, member of the Advisory Council on International Affairs.

A. (Arjan) Buteijn, RA

Partner at Dubois & Co, Register Accountants - Treasurer

Ms. M. (Maria) Henneman, MA

Director/Owner, Maria Henneman Media Management BV

Dr L.J. (Renk) Roborgh

Member of various supervisory boards on education

D.P. (Dick) Scherjon, MA

Advisor to the board of Rabobank Nederland; Colonel in the Reserves

H.H. (Hugo) Siblesz, MA

Former Director-General for Political Affairs, DGPZ-MFA; former Dutch Ambassador in Paris

Ms. W.M.E. Thomassen, LLM

Ms. A.Ch. (Andrée) van Es, MA (per 1 May 2015)

Former Judge of the European Court of Human Rights; international expert of the Council of Europe (till 1 May 2015) / Ms. A.Ch. (Andrée) van Es, MA – former MP and alderman of Amsterdam, chairman of the Netherlands National Commission for UNESCO (per 1 May 2015)