Internationale Spectator

In December 2014, the very last paper edition of the Internationale Spectator appeared. January 2015 saw the Spectator make a fresh start with the online publication of its first digital edition on its website, As of 2015, the Spectator can only be read and consulted free of charge on its website.

The goal for 2015, i.e. to publish varied editions on a regular basis as well as more specific ‘dossiers,’ has been achieved. Ten editions were published, including three specials on: ‘Agreekment,’ Belgian Foreign Policy, and jihadism. The Internationale Spectator also published its online Newsletter, and the amount of subscribers nearly doubled in 2015, from 1,300 to more than 2,500. The different editions are published online in the form of a web pub, a web-based publication.

The traditionally close Netherlands-Belgian/Flemish connection was maintained, as cooperation with the Royal Institute of International Relations (EGMONT) in Brussels continues.

In 2015, the editorial office consisted of the editor-in-chief, Jan Rood, and managing editors, Sico van der Meer, and Peter Schregardus. In April, Sico van der Meer was succeeded by Bram Peeters.

The general board, presided over by the editor-in-chief, Jan Rood, consisted of 19 members.

The Board met three times. During the course of the year, the members Sven Biscop, Garrie van Pinxteren, and Ramses Wessel stepped down. Dr. Maaike Okano-Heijmans, Dr. Gerben Stormbroek, and Dr. Jan Werts, as well as Sico van der Meer.

Table 1. 
Overview of Volume 69 of Internationale Spectator: Clingendael Magazine voor Internationale Betrekkingen

Vol. 69 (2015) Type of edition Publication date Number of items
Edition 1 Regular January 29 17
Edition 2 Regular February 27 12
Edition 3 Regular April 15 17
Edition 4 Regular June 13 20
Edition 5 Dossier ‘Agreekment’ August 5 5
Edition 6 Regular September 2 16
Edition 7 Dossier ‘Belgian foreign policy’ September 16 7
Edition 8 Regular October 28 19
Edition 9 Regular December 9 13
Edition 10 Dossier on ‘jihadism’ December 23 12
Total 138